"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us

Ralph Hattersley

Emotive Storytelling

When you read those words, what does it make you think? Do you think of someone telling a story? Laughing? Crying? Reading your children a fairytale? Let's dive into what emotive storytelling means to me and why I feel it is an important form of photography.

There are many different types of photography, and portrait photography is probably the most recognized, especially by families. Pose, smile, and put that photo on the wall to enjoy for years to come or on your yearly Christmas Card to send to your loved ones. Senior Portraits are important as well. Freeze time with a perfect portrait of your seniors face for their yearbook and the living room wall. For some, this style of photography may be lacking something, but they can't quite put their finger on it. Maybe it is a good representation of your family for a freeze frame, but doesn't quite elicit that emotion from you that you were hoping for. Perhaps you don't quite recognize this season of your life in that portrait. This is where emotive storytelling comes into play.

For myself emotive storytelling is a form of lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography isn't about posing, staying still and looking at the camera. Lifestyle photography is capturing candid moments where your focus is on each other and not the photographer. It's about authentic genuine moments and emotion. The joy I find in this style is that each session is unique to each family or couple. Each couple has their way of making each other laugh or the way they look into each others eyes. Each family has their own inside jokes and ways of showing their bond and connection. Each gallery is going to be personalized for each family/couple dependent on their own unique story. You may also have a special place that you have so many memories that you would like to capture your story at! Or a sentimental object, such as a loved toy or blanket, that will help convey your story. So why not highlight that and showcase that in your gallery! Each gallery is going to be different. Not just because of the season, location, time of day, weather or attire but because of who you are.

So how is your gallery going to be different from a portrait session? With lifestyle emotive storytelling sessions your going to have a wide array of images. You'll have your typical close ups and distant shots. What you'll also have is detail shots, connection shots, and emotive shots. Will I still provide you with a posed portrait image? Of course, those are grandmas favorite, right? Concerned you won't know what to do? Please don't be worried, I will be there to guide you during your session with prompts to help illicit these moments for you. Concerned you are awkward in front of the camera because you don't know how to position yourself or your smile is forced? That's the beauty of lifestyle photography you get to be yourself while not focusing on the camera! This will absolutely take the stress out of your session and you will love the end result.

My favorite type of session to capture with this style of photography is young families. Why is that? Because this season of your life can be just pure chaos! Children have this energy that I wish I could just bottle up! They also have pure emotions and a curious soul. Allowing them to be....well kids!... can take the stress out of your session because your not going to be concerned with them sitting still and smiling at the camera. Let them be curious! Let them show you the flower they found and smell it! Let them run and hug you or run circles around you and your spouse! Give nose kisses and dance and play! Little kids are only little so long and then they are in school and so much changes. So capture this season of your life with exactly how it is, chaotic but full of love and pure emotion. Trust me that will be what shows in your gallery! And every time you view it, you will be transported to this season of your families lives and relive the emotions all over again.

Everyone's story is different and going to look different. That's what makes it your unique story we capture.

The Chaos. The Love. The Bond.

Raw and Emotional.