Short Family Films: Capturing your family in live action!

all the special details captured in the moment and preserved in a beautiful short film your family will cherish for a lifetime

Growing up my siblings and I would love to create our own family films. We captured family events, holidays and vacations. One of our favorites was to create our own SNL style funny videos... and trust me we still laugh at what we came up with!

When capturing your special memories it made me think back at how growing up we captured our own. Those videos are so special in our hearts and that it made me think, why not capture your memories on film? It may not be the comedy spoof we all did growing up, but it is uniquely you! In my questionnaires I do get a lot of Mom's who would love to capture something special that they do with their child or spouse. Capturing this with film you can actually see how special those details are as you see the moment captured as a whole and not just a freeze frame.

What do you notice about the screenshot of video above?

In these three snippets of video you can see the beauty of this family! The first shows them sitting and enjoying each others company as the little one pics flowers and has his Mama smell them. The second you can see the love Mama has for her little one in a beautiful embrace and kiss. And in the last snippet you can see Mama and Dad looking at each other and the special connection they share. This is just a freeze frame of the moments above! This is what makes short family films so wonderful! So many unique and sentimental moments captured and compiled into a beautiful video! These videos are PERFECT for families with babies, toddlers and young children!

What will my video look like?

Your video will not be like the snippet above with the stackable videos, that was done just for advertising purposes so I could compile more moments into a short social media friendly version. Your video will be traditional in the sense of one video at a time will run. At your session I will switch between taking images and taking video. After I edit your images I will then compile all the snippets of video I took using video editing software. I will create your video with a title, I will use transitions, premium licensed music and more. Your film will be between 2-4 minutes based on many factors including length of session.

How do I book a short family film?

To ensure we have enough time to capture images and video, short family films will be an add-on for 60 or 90 minute sessions. At booking you just need to let me know that you would like to have a short family film added on. The investment for this beautiful sentimental video currently is $100 and is added on to your final invoice. This is a limited time introductory price.

*Just want to do a video only session? Please contact me to discuss!

Don't wait to book one of these Short Family Films! Our littles are only small for so long! Capture the magic of parenthood & childhood today!