Golden Hour- The Suns Last Kiss of the Day

Maybe you have heard of golden hour before, or maybe you haven't. Golden hour is the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. The light is warm and perfect for capturing gorgeous images. As a warm photographer, this hour is my absolute favorite! It creates rich and deep tones, sun-kissed skin, gorgeous skies and a bit of romantic whimsy I love in my art!

So much changes during this one hour that your gallery will start out with what appears as just high natural light, and then ends with amazing warmth. This variation provides everything you could want in your gallery!

Take a look below at some golden hour sessions and the variations you see in the light and warmth!

Do I only shoot at sunset? Not necessarily. As a Photographer and Mother, I understand that everyone has a schedule and busy lives. Sometimes that last hour of the day is just not feasible. I do provide some earlier sessions for my clients who need these accommodations. But yes, MOST of my sessions are done in the evening at golden hour. This provides my signature warm and vibrant look that I am known for! Please keep in mind as well that at some locations the golden hour may be a bit different such as mountain locations where the sun is hidden earlier! Please reach out for a consultation so we can discuss your specific vision for your session!