Preparing yourself for a lifestyle session with Littles

Capturing memories is so important, especially when we create a family. Littles don't stay little long and documenting their lives yearly can help preserve those fleeting moments. Toddlers and young children are balls of energy and maybe that has you concerned that your session is not going to be "perfect". I want you to take a deep breath and exhale all the expectations that you have of your little ones sitting still and smiling at the camera for the entirety of your session. Now let's dive into what a lifestyle session means with Littles and what you can realistically expect!

A lifestyle session with myself is about capturing the interactions and emotions that create the special bond that is your family unit. I'm just a fly on the wall looking in and recording that bond. Your focus will be on each other. Hugs, kisses, tickles, dancing, twirling are just some of the things that you CAN expect! Little ones love to explore their surroundings, especially when it's a new environment. So let's let them explore and take us for a walk. Let them show us the awesome rock they found or the beautiful leaf they picked up. There is nothing stuffy and stiff about a family lifestyle session with me; I want you to be relaxed and in your element as a parent.

Let's face it we all have off days, and that includes our young children. They are learning so many new things everyday, including how to handle their big emotions. I have some tricks up my sleeve for the session. Something that you can do in the days leading up to the session is talk occasionally about meeting Mrs. Christina and how much fun we are going to have at -enter location-. Talk about potentially seeing wildlife, playing games, and even a special treat/activity they can expect after the session with you. If they have an item they are attached to, bring it! Remember we are documenting this specific season of your lives, and there is so much magic in the little moments. Sometimes it's chaotic, sometimes it's messy, but that's okay! I promise what will be conveyed in your gallery is nothing but love and your unique story.