The Client Closet is here for you to use, so use it!

One of the things I was really excited to implement with my business was a client closet! The client closet is definitely an investment on my part so some may ask why I put so much money into it. There are many reasons that I feel benefit my clients but also me as well! So let's go over those reasons, and hopefully by the end of this blog, you'll consider giving it a chance yourself!

Styling your session can be overwhelming, frustrating and sometimes expensive. Our local area doesn't have a ton of clothing store options, and let's face it buying online can be hit and miss. Sometimes the item looks exactly like it does in the pictures and other times you feel like you got the knock off. Finding the right size is a whole other headache as well, and don't get me started on those pesky return policies for some online vendors. The client closet is here to help relieve some of those headaches for you! I carry beautiful dresses in sizes 2T to women's 2XL. The dresses come in earth tones and jewel tones mostly, and the reason behind this I will talk more about soon. The styles vary from cotton and silk to boho and classic. I also have a handful of dresses that are long and dramatic in all the best ways.

So why dresses? There is something so timeless about a dress and I truly try to buy classic dresses that will stand the test of time and look amazing forever in your frames or albums. Dresses can be casual as well as fancy, and can fit a wide array of session types while being one or two pieces. All you have to do is accessorize!

So here are some benefits:

The dresses I provide are very easy to style your family with or your partner saving you a ton of time in preparing for your session! When getting your outfits photo ready there are so may pieces you have to consider! Shoes, jewelry, shirts, pants, makeup, hair, etc. Lots of rummaging through the closet and dresser drawers or more than likely lots of shopping! Save time and money by utilizing the client closet!

With all that shopping comes the expense! Sometimes we really want an outfit for a photo session but can't rationalize buying something we may never wear again. The client closet comes complimentary with 60 and 90 min sessions, so right away you are saving money!

I have a style guide that I send out that has great examples of color palettes that look amazing with my editing style. My client closet pieces are all within these color palettes! Let's be honest you know you have a favorite color on yourself! I love burgundy for myself, but stores don't always carry burgundy year round as it tends to be a fall color. My client closet has a wide array of colors available to you year round! So this is not only a benefit for you but for me as well! By editing images where clients wear outfits within my suggested color palettes, your images will come to life and give you that POP that you love in my art!

The majority of the dresses are bump and nursing friendly! I purposely buy a lot of my dresses this way to ensure they can be utilized by a broad range of clients. A lot of nursing mama's want to capture breastfeeding images within their sessions, and these dresses provide easy access but also coverage!

I have a decent amount of dresses that are considered free size! What does this mean? These specific dresses can fit a size small to a size 2XL. The designers made these dresses so that they can fit a wide array of body types! Examples of these types of dresses are my most dramatic pieces! I absolutely love this because these designer pieces are pricey but absolutely gorgeous, and I love that I can offer the same dress to so many different women!

I hope some of those listed above helped you understand why I have the client closet and encourage clients to use it. If you are just not a "dress type of gal", that's okay! My styling guide helps out with ideas, as does my Pinterest page! Don't forget to use my Style & Select access to help you coordinate your outfits! It's fun and takes pressure off figuring out your photo ready outfits! Please remember I am here to help and you can send me your outfit ideas if you need a second opinion!